Stargazing Live

What happens at Stargazing Live?

The Reepham Observatory wilol be open to the public from 18:00 – 21:00.  If its a clear night take the opportunity visit our 20 foot dome and to look through our 72cm reflecting telescope. Members of the Reepham High School astronomy club will also be operatng the Robotic Telescope. In addition a mumber of smaller telescope will be setup for you to use. We can’t guarantee a clear night, however we have taken video of Moon.

The event will be held in the 6th Form Colledge, with the doors opening at 6.00 pm. How do I know whether observing will take place?

If you are planning observing it can get very cold, so be prepaired and wrap up warmly. The 6 meter dome is a 400 meter walk, so help will be on hand to guide you about the school grounds.How do I find you and where do I park?

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